**Poran Jai Jolia Re

**Poran Jai Jolia Re

Bengali Movie Poran Jai Jolia Re Starring Deb, Subhashree, Biswajit Chakraborty

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Posted on February 27, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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15 Responses to “**Poran Jai Jolia Re”

  1. abulkhair Says:

    hi i like bangla movies

  2. skp Says:

    Namastey London with bangali package……..Good presentation……..read something about plagiarism issue of this film in the wikipedia….Now-a-days world is too short….think twice before doing something wrong……..

  3. calcuttaguy Says:

    The English subtitle is wrong in the title song – i have left 100 friends behind !!!

  4. mars80777 Says:

    I enjoyed it greatly.

  5. ajoy Says:

    this movie totaly copy why? i dont like copy becuses we know hindi film. just make new so we like.

  6. Paromita Says:

    Made a fool of public – a bangla version of Namastey London – na na – hav shown KL in the name of London.

  7. masud_bd008 Says:


  8. Toha (From S Korea) Says:

    I like this movie. Plz Load More…

  9. Ranjan s'''''''''''''' Says:

    I fill this love in my heart. when i seen this pictur that time i am alien. I can fill my love, my hert, my ambition, she is my wife my Everything. this movie tuch my heart.

  10. Rajib Hasan Raju Says:

    Really hurt throb this move.I like this movie.Please load more love story move………

  11. heamale Says:

    realy good movie.plse load more…………movie.

  12. puja Says:

    nice movie…………..:-)

  13. Santanu Says:

    It’s KL not London, in London they use GBP not any $!! And KL they use Ringit MYR!! LOL.

  14. shihab ahmed Says:

    great fokinni movie………………………..

  15. Akash Says:

    The best song for me

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