**Bor Asbe Ekhuni

**Bor Asbe Ekhuni

Bengali Movie Bor Asbe Ekhuni Starring Jishu Sengupta, Koyel Mullick, Kanchan Mullick

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Posted on March 14, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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9 Responses to “**Bor Asbe Ekhuni”

  1. skp Says:

    nice & fresh one….climax ektu serious hole bhalo lagto…….climax e jishu ke force korar kono mane khunje pelam na….

  2. Partha Chatterjee Says:

    It was Lovely i Enjoyed the Movie.

  3. monaf Says:

    I am glad to see this film. Koyal did a good Radio Jocky. Jishu also very good.

  4. sss Says:

    faltu movie…… kono mathamundu nei…

  5. Basabi Says:

    Time pass kind of movie – light hearted and completely a fantasy – as such I watched it with that spirit of fun. On a scale of 1 to 10 a 6.

  6. Dhiman Dutta Says:

    this is a time pass type movie, even Jishu and Koyel they act well but they r failure to build on screen chemistry. script is toomuch ordinary

  7. Md. Tawhid Says:

    Dear Admin
    I want to know how i download easily this indian bangla movie, could you plz help me.


  8. kaushik mazumdar Says:

    sweet n sour mix…chobi ta misti….r ek bar nnischoye dekhbo.

  9. RAJ Says:

    Jst love this movie the song is so meaningful

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