Bengali Movie Dujone Starring Deb, Shrabanti, Seema Biswas

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Posted on May 20, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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28 Responses to “**Dujone”

  1. Amit Says:

    Thank You very Much for this.

    I visited daily to this site to check for this movie.

    Thanx a tonne :)

    Keep rocking

  2. akash Says:

    Just waste of time. There are 100s of movie based on this story

  3. Rumana Says:

    Thank you very much for this movie. Thanks Thanks

  4. ali Says:

    thank for all and shrabanti and ofcouse deb is realy good performance in this film very good story and family level story.pls every all go cenema hall and watch this flm.very nice moment thanks

  5. romel Says:

    ami bangali so ami bangla film dekte posondo kori.jekahane deb hiro sekane ami ziro(I LOVE YOU MAA) PLS U WATCH THIS FILM.I HOPE TUMI AMAKE JANTE PARBE.AND I AM REALY SORRY.I REALY MISS YOU.THANKS “DUJONE”THANKS EVERY ALL.AND MY KING OF PAPA CALL-00971555391559

  6. RAFIQUE Says:


  7. ali Says:


  8. HASAN Says:

    I LOVE U SHRABANTI PLS CALL ME 00971555391559

  9. Zahed Hossain Says:

    Desr sir/ Madam

    All movies don’t open on this site.

    Pls take action.

    Zahed Hossain
    Bangladesh, Chittagong

  10. Toha (From S Korea) Says:

    Thank you vaia. Load more…………

  11. rumi Says:

    ভালো লাগলো মূভীটি,তবে কিছুটা অতিরজ্ঞিত।

  12. Rajib Hasan Raju Says:

    Many many thanks for update this move.I visited daily to this site also i love this site.Oh:Shrabanti she is my best heroin from Calcutta i like her.As my request one plz update bangla move amar praner priya.Bengali Movie Dujone very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  13. sharif Says:

    thnx a lot very nice movie………….

  14. Antara Says:

    valo tabe basi valo nay.

  15. ajoy Says:

    This is duplicate Hindi movie. I think DEB is like duplicate movie .boss make new so


  16. heamale Says:

    realy very nice and good movie.(thanks)

  17. badal Says:

    ore baba….eto comment……vabchi movie ta bananor somoye porichalok koto ton gaza …sorry, gonjika sebon koriya chilen….

  18. tareq Says:

    i realy enjoy of the film dujona.it very nice film

  19. Subham Says:

    boss r the professors of Pailan college like this??? secondly do they organise their sports and educational affairs inauguration ceremony on the same stage

  20. SUPLAB Says:

    i like so much.thanks my fvt hero-dev

  21. ARMAN Says:

    Dev brother I love you! ami tumar sov mukti papto movi dakisi .tumar ovinoi very nice.you are very nce.

  22. Armaan Says:

    I love dev & his movie very much…..i’m a big fan of dev….i’ll do anything for dev……

  23. Armaan Says:

    ami dev dar sob movie cinema hall e dekhechi…kintu tao barbar dekhte icche kore…..

  24. Athik Rukon Says:

    I like Dev films. Dev is my favorite Hero.

  25. Robnewaz Says:

    Deb is my favorite.

  26. Robnewaz Says:

    very good

  27. anika Says:

    i love this movie and dev so much.

  28. anika Says:

    this movie is the best movie ever. please upload josh and more dev movies.
    peace out

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