Bangla Movie News – Prem Amar

Bangla Movie News – Prem Amar

Bengali Movie Prem Amar Starring Soham Chakraborty, Payal Sarkar, Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta

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Posted on May 21, 2010 by admin in Movie News & Promos
The Bengali movie Prem Amar starring Soham Chakraborty, Payal Sarkar, Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta is directed by Raj Chakraborty. It is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and features music by award-winning music director Jeet Ganguly. Prem Amar is a romantic drama. Rabi (Soham Chakraborty), the protagonist, lives in a railway colony. His life is all about fooling around with friends, teasing girls, smoking or getting drunk at night. He has already failed four times in H.S. examination and he does not even think of career. At this juncture, a girl Ria (Payel Sarkar) comes to live in his colony and rabi falls head-over-heels on her. But Ria’s parents want her to marry family friend Rajib, who also financially support their family. Although Ria ignores Rabi at first, soon they become good friends. She motivates him to change his lifestyle and gets him a job too. But Ria’s family stands against this relationship. Against all odds, one night, Ria and Rabi meet and spend together. In the morning, Ria aanounces she will marry Rajib to support her family. This leads to a quarrel, Ria departs but faces an accident and dies while Rabi gets injured. After recovering, Rabi tries to kill himself but Ria’s soul makes him realize the need for him to be alive and glorify their love. Watch a promo and few songs (Prem Amar, Bojhena, Jage Re, Uru Uru Swapno, Ku Ru Ku Ku Ku) from the movie below.
Soham & Payal-Prem AmarSoham & Payal-Prem Amar

Cast & Credits
Cast : Soham Chakraborty, Payal Sarkar, Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta
Director : Raj Chakraborty
Music Director : Jeet Ganguly
Screenplay : Abhimanyu
Cinematography : Kumud Verma, Somak Mukherjee
Editor : Rabiranjan Moitra
Producer : Shree Venkatesh Films
Date of Release : October 9, 2009

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50 Responses to “Bangla Movie News – Prem Amar”

  1. satarupa Says:

    well..the story was a mix of different bollywood movies..but the final product is though clichéd but not too bad

  2. cipon Says:

    thank u so much for this movie
    i like this movie.more like this

  3. rumi Says:

    সবারই অভিনয় ছিল চমংকার। শেষে মিল দেখালে ভালো আরও লাগতো।

  4. kamalika Says:

    khub sundor movie..I like this movie..thak you for uploading this movie..

  5. toha.alam@ (From S Korea) Says:

    Rumir sathe amio ekmot.
    plz load more…..

  6. sharif Says:

    very nice thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Rabin Says:

    I am Speechless. Really raj da u r great.

  8. arman Says:

    a very uncommon story i ever seen. like very much

    especially i like the song prem amar (sad).how can i get the sad song full ?

  9. rony Says:

    o sadaron pls add new movie

  10. shohag Says:

    This is the best film of my life. Now I am working in UN peace keeping mission in Ivory Coast. Thank you very much all of artist in this film.

  11. sayem Says:

    hello, this is sayem. i am from bangladesh. i am doing ACCA. thats why i am in london for 2 years.

    i like this movie. specially i like payel shorkar. she is so cute.
    please upload more new bangla movies. we are waiting for le chokka, bolo na tumi amar, wanted and all the new movies whatever already released this year

  12. rony Says:

    uncommon realy uncommon

  13. ajoy Says:

    yes, realy it is good movie i like that thx banglanatokmovie


  14. Rajib Hasan Raju Says:

    Nice Moveeeeeeeee.

  15. Shobuj Says:

    o shadharon

  16. Ashif Jaman Rasel Says:

    Nice Movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. badal Says:

    hahahahahahah….deklam.eto manus eto valo bollo…ami kharap bolle ki rokkha ache?ki kemon laglo boltei hobe?boktobbo motamuti..purono kotha.bujhi na era eto taka khoroch kore ki r ektu valo movie banate pare na?admin apnake ki thanks janabo?ok..but sukno…hahahahh

  18. parijat Says:

    the ending was really good.must make a hindi copy of this movie.

  19. Raj Says:

    its gud,bt we cant say verrrrrrrry gud about this movie.

  20. aloke kumar das Says:

    apnara nijera keno galpo tairi karen na tamil cinema er copy koren apnara besir bhag cinema tamil cinema er copy

    aloke kumar das

  21. Rumana Says:

    onek valo legese,copy kora ta boro kotha noy,kotha holo dorsok er sobi ti valo legese.amar moto oneke bolese very very good movie.arokom aro sobi dekte chai.Thanks…

  22. Ranga Says:

    in prem amar movie everyone has done outstanding acting whatsoever impressed me a lot.fabulous & fantastic movie

  23. Avi Says:

    very good

  24. mmrana Says:

    j heto robi riya k riya robi k balobashe seheto dujoner mil hole balo e hoto.good movie.i like this movie.i will say…..

  25. sharif Says:

    onek sundar ekta cinema,thanks everybody team of pream amar.

  26. sanaul Says:

    over all movie ta amar kache khob bhalo legeche.Ami believe kori Bhalobsha paoar majhe enjoy nai.Na paoar majhe shob enjoy loki e thake.Thanks.

  27. Golam Sadek Roman Says:

    Wonderfull Movie.I realised to watch this movie,…………………milon-e j valovasar pornota ase ta noy borong birohe valovasar govirota aro bare jai.eta amader sakoler-e upolobdi kora ouchit.tahole jibon sondar hobe.bye bye.

  28. Basabi Says:

    Too melodramatic for my taste. Did not enjoy it. Maybe the story touched some people and I appreciate that – but nothing to rave about at all. A 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  29. poly sh Says:

    ei film ta dekhe monn ta ekkebare preme doobe jaye.

  30. HUH! Says:

    This is the best Bangla movie ever

  31. Shaon Says:

    সবারই অভিনয় ভালো লেগেছে, ঠিক রুমি যা বলছিল, very sad ending. কান্না~uwa(…

  32. humayun Says:

    Very very nice bangla movie.

  33. Ronit Says:

    Ha movie ta khube bhalo……je o ba kono na kodin bhalobashai poreche ar nejer bhalobasa ke hariye che,its a wonderful connection for them…..kintu amar bus ektai complain aaj kal ki banglar talent ato kome kache je oder ke protita movier story south india theke churi korte hobe……eta tamil remake of 7g rainbow colony ar amar mone hoiche je original ta aro bhalo and or end ta aro touching chilo with a moral……sudu eta na amanush, premer kahini, bandhan and many more……amar akhono bengaler talent opor beshas ache….I will be looking forward to see some original good bengali movies not remake of south indian movies……..

  34. harun Says:

    v……………nice movie good all

  35. nobin Says:

    khob valo

  36. saptarshi Says:

    Awesome movie, good acting…liked it as it touched!

  37. poly Says:

    plz……………..keu DUI PRITHIBI upload kore din. I’m eagerly waiting for this movie. plz……………!!!!!!!!!

  38. santu dey Says:

    i like this movie very much

  39. santu dey Says:

    soham tomar avinay fatafati

  40. anika Says:

    this movie is very funny but the end is very sad. please upload wanted and shedin dekah hoichilo.


  41. kamal hossain roonee Says:

    super movie. i also like this movie thanks to raj chakrabaty…….

  42. rupnur Says:

    অসাধারণ একটা ছবি…

  43. badol bd Says:

    i like this movie this movie very good

  44. panchu Says:

    Sotti ekta asadharan film, RAJ da ke bolobo erakam aro unique film banate jate amader bangla film er proti aro aro bholabasa janmay……..

  45. Susanta Thakurdas Says:

    Bangla Moive Prem Amar

  46. atif Says:

    ami achi tumar jonno

  47. joydeep garai Says:

    Realy fantastic. I saw it three times.

  48. kalyan ghosh Says:

    I enjoyed it very much. It was really lyrical.

    Good Night.
    kalyan ghosh
    Jadavpur University

  49. rony Says:

    Nice move. I like it.

  50. Mainak Bhattacharjee Says:

    Ar mato movie bangla te r keo jadi pare tahale seta soham da,u r great boss. tomar movie dekhar janno bse a6i. prem amar is a fatafati r thekeo baro film. DEV TOMAR KICHU SEKHA UCHIT SOHAM DAR KACH THEKE, KEBOL NACHLEI AVINOI HAI NA.

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