**Japanese Wife

**Japanese Wife

Bengali Movie Japanese Wife Starring Rahul Bose, Chigusa Takaku, Raima Sen, Moushumi Chatterjee

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Posted on May 28, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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13 Responses to “**Japanese Wife”

  1. badal Says:

    good movie.great making.thanks aparna sen…tnanks admin.plz upload this kind of movie again.

  2. Anup Ghosh Says:

    Its a really great movie.

  3. Nandini Says:

    Remarkable work of Aparna Sen.very touchy.thanks to Aparna Sen for making such a great movie.

  4. Sangita Says:

    Fantastic bangla movie! Superb acting!! Everyone should watch it…..very very natural. Thanks for the post… :)

  5. Toha.alam (From S Korea) Says:

    It’s really a nice movie.

  6. julie Says:

    Only the first part ! How to watch the full movie?

  7. Amit Says:


    Searched the entire Internet for its Torrent and its here Now

    Grt Grt

    Thanku Thanku

    Keep Rocking

  8. ru Says:

    wonderful movie–thanks for uploading–could watch it from europe–felt too good–thanks again

  9. Akash Says:

    Itz really a great bengali movie……
    Superb & everyone’s acting is really natural….
    Plzzzz Post such kind of movie…

  10. N Says:

    good movie.nice acting. too much devotion on both sides.

  11. Shamim Says:

    Cinematography is superb. Expected much more backdrops and scenic beauties of Sunderbon.

    I wonder why Rahul’s character is unsmart with all outdated gestures and outfits. It was not necessary to present him like this.

  12. Shamim Says:

    One thing I forget to point out. Aparna was not quite successful to bring Rural touch. The village kids seem to be well fed and well groomed with NEW WHITE VEST. So is Masima (Moushumi) with spotless white saree.

  13. Rajarshi Says:

    ei movie ta ki delete kora hoyeche… player e available noi bolche

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