Bengali Movie Abohomaan Starring Dipankar Dey, Jishu Sengupta, Mamata Shankar

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Posted on July 11, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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25 Responses to “**Abohomaan”

  1. badal Says:

    osadharon…..opurboo………100 bar dekhar moto movie.but ami aro 9 bar dekte chai.plz delete korben na.admin apnake thanks jananor vasa khuje pacchi na.tobe jodi 10 bar dekhi 10 hajar bar tnx janabo…..

  2. badal Says:

    ai rokom movie aro chaiiiiiiiiii…………..plz

  3. badal Says:

    jodi somvob hoye bd movie khoj the search movie ta upload korben.onek sunechi..abong third person sinular number.dekhi kemon korlo……ki bolen sobai…

  4. Shaheen Says:

    Realy…osadharon……Opurboo.Aro Kicho ai rokom movie chai… Every week e. Thanks..

  5. kamalika Says:

    awesome..just smply outstanding movie…watch it..

  6. Surya Says:

    Good Movie..

  7. rumi Says:

    Good one..Thanks. Really want such new movies….

  8. sangita Says:

    A fair movie. Mamta’s acting was good. I give it a score of 6/10.

  9. Jayendra Says:

    Where is the movie? I cant see it.

  10. Ani Says:

    eka eka dupure university te bose achi amar purono hye jaoa sweatangini bandhabi r foto samne…akash ta meghla chilo ar mon tao….ekhuni baire jhepe bristi namlo, janina kothay bose achi..edmonton e na dhakuria lake e.
    Cinema ta anek kichu bollo…bachar poreo jei bacha ta amra sabai chai, sei bacha ta nie.

  11. Bishnupriya Says:

    thanks movie ta abarupload karar jonno… bideshe thekeo desher swad pabar jonno onek thanks.

  12. Swapan Ahmed Says:

    The film, ‘Abohoman’ by Rituporno Gosh is with extra ordinary quality! Cinematography, Lighting, & editing was so artistic; acting was perfect. I am waiting for his next film.

    Swapan Ahmed
    Paris, France

  13. Mrs Ela Sengupta Says:

    shotti khoob shundor chchobi.anek anek dhonnobad.

  14. Basabi Says:

    This is one of those bold movies that we rarely get to see on the screen. I loved the depiction of each character. In most other director’s hands this would have been an unbelievable story – as it would have become over the top dramatic! Nicely made, great story. An absolute 10 for me.

  15. ru Says:

    asadharon–thanks a lot for uploading this movie

  16. ru Says:

    great storyline–very nicely depicted–superb casting and acting

  17. Antara Says:

    Many many Thanks to u… I’ve never thought that i will see bong movie at us… Thank u soo much for this …..Cha e chuti ta upload korben??

  18. Arindam Says:

    I feel this is a useless movie. Very slow and an typical Rituparno movie. U do not feel entertained at all. Ritu, make some movie which will entertain and enlight as well.

  19. tumpa Says:

    ato dhoper movie dekhini rituparna aste aste puro pagol hoye jache no story line but photography,sounds acting good

  20. Somabrata Says:

    valo laglo, dui srimati r acting darun ; r tumpa, chobi tar nam dekhyei tomar bojha uchit chilo je tomar valo lagbe na

  21. bhabani Says:

    Asadharon movie. onekdin par dekhlam …..
    Rituporno is really great!!!!!!!!!!deser baire thekeo dekhte pabar janoo thanks…..for uploading———–

  22. anusree Says:

    i jst love ths movie…ato bhalo movie anek din por dakhlam…sobar jonno ai movie noy….ashadharon…. i m loving it…….

  23. nil Says:

    nicely justified the title…………………….

  24. Munna Says:

    Movie-ta sariye nilen kaano? Akhono onek-er dakha hoy ni jara desh-er baire aache. Please upload korun.

  25. admin Says:

    Its still available. Admin…

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