**Bolo Na Tumi Amar

**Bolo Na Tumi Amar

Bengali Movie Bolo Na Tumi Amar Starring Deb, Koyel Mullick

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Posted on August 12, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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25 Responses to “**Bolo Na Tumi Amar”

  1. hasnat Says:

    i miss you

  2. Amit Says:

    Oh Boyyyyy
    Had been waiting for this movie for so long
    Thanku Very Much

  3. raisha Says:

    plz upload shukno lonka.

  4. HUH! Says:

    very good movie… must watch it if you haven’t already

  5. anumita Says:

    good movie!!although story line is absurd!!being a doctor i am astonished that which medical college gives a gold medaland arranges for a convocation within 6months of study of a 2nd year student!!it’s ridiculous!!

  6. anumita Says:

    admin…also i shall be oblidged if you kindly can upload the “rajmahal”…bengali movie..i heard it’s the replica of bhul bhulaiya…but can’t find it anywhere!!

    thanks in advance

  7. Cinema Says:

    Bogus boi – kono matha mundu nei . keno je takar sradha kore

  8. toha.alam(S Korea) Says:

    Tnx admin. Upload more……

  9. Russel Says:

    Please upload the movie Wanted and Le Chakka. Thanks.

  10. Shan Says:

    Jader valo lagy nai tara……no words for them

  11. badal Says:

    shan vai…movie ta valo.mane pitar hottakarir bichar korbo type er movier cheye.kintu eta ki gaza khurir jonno porjapto na?mbbs a je gold medel paye se ki oi vabe prem kore naki?hahaah

  12. Shan Says:

    Vai badal….movity prem holy bony-jongoly,akashy batashy j music bajy r ki mishty modhur gaan gay….ekta ganer moddhy choto theky boro hoy,hero eka 10 jon k mary but tar kichu hoy na….a gulo jodi bishash korty paren then eita ki dosh korlo?Ami thik bujlam na…..apnara movie intertainment er jonno dekhen or onnokichu….ato justify kory ki hoby bolun…..

  13. awesome Says:

    thax for this movie i’ve been waiting a whole year to wacth it

  14. heamale Says:

    nice movie…

  15. Ronit Says:

    Ame to etai bujte parchi na je ato discussion kano mbbs ba gold medal niye.Amra to movie dekhte bosechi, PMT norms ba result discussion korte to na.
    thakte thakte eksathe ek dujoner obhesh hoi jai ar tar thekei prem. Tai ei simple jinish tar madhe gold medal, MBBS, kano 1st year gold medal na last year pawa uchit, kano ei sob complications gulo.Bhai movie deckchish to seta dekhe enjoy kor na kano ato dissection kora.

  16. rupesh Says:

    Please upload hitlist movie

  17. muna Says:

    i love this movie but can u guys upload bangla movie chandramukhi i heard this is the bengali copy of bhul bhulaiya………..

  18. bristy Says:

    very good movie. i love’d it. everybody should watch it. i love dev wish you all the best.

  19. Rizon_bd Says:

    So Nice. Bojano kotin. VVVVV…..

  20. arif Says:

    i love this movie, i want watch movie wanted please can you add this movie thank you so much

  21. dipankar naskar Says:

    it’s truly deep love story movie,,,, i like too much

  22. rupa Says:

    i like the love story full of romance and action.

  23. mamon Says:

    please uplode the movie chedin dekha hoichilo.

  24. dipankar naskar Says:

    i watching this movie…5 time but i don’t know how many time i will……….

  25. rahul Says:

    its a copy of a telugu movie “Happy” starring Allu Arjun And Genelia D’Souza….Allu Arjun’s role is reprised by Dev and Genelia’s role is reprised by Koyel Mullick

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