**Le Chakka

**Le Chakka

Bengali Movie Le Chakka Starring Dev, Payal Sarkar, Dipankar Dey, Laboni Sarkar, Biswajit Chakraborty

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Posted on October 19, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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22 Responses to “**Le Chakka”

  1. megha Says:

    thanks a lot for posting this movie………please upload natobar not out. thanks thanks thanks…

  2. Appppp Says:

    thanks for posting this movie.. plz upload shukno lanka movie

  3. RAJ Says:

    thnks a lot for uploading the movie DEV rocks

  4. Biswajit from Bangalore Says:

    eta darun movie…keep up the good work…amar ekta request ache…jodi please ‘Angshumaner Chobi’ movie ta upload koren.

  5. bithi Says:

    thank u for posting this movie.jeet er josh please keu upload korun.

  6. atiqa Says:

    i like this movie

  7. kostet Says:

    rahul priyankar valobasa jindabad movie ta upload korle khub khusi hobo,,,,thanks for uploading this movie,,,,,,,

  8. sumi Says:

    thank u very much for uploding this movie.

  9. Som Says:

    Faltu cinema…

  10. toha.alam Says:


  11. russel Says:

    good 2 hours gone to waste…

  12. Maruf Says:

    Faul movie….

  13. samit Says:

    Plz upload “Autograph” & “Sukno Lanka”

  14. mamon Says:

    Vishon valo laglo movie ta…..please jeet er wanted movie ta upload korun..Thanks.

  15. dibyendu Says:

    plz upload WANTED

  16. anusree Says:


  17. Aparupa Dey Says:

    Fantastic movie ..Dev payel super hit jori ..Durdanto story..dil maange moooore

  18. brishti Says:

    kalbela chobita plz upload korun…

  19. moni Says:

    story idea is OK the direction is good, casting and acting impressive good script enjoyed the very predictable movie not time waste but just time pass 5 out of 10 because of acting though some times a bit loud….could be much better …

  20. asish and munmun Says:

    Darun Chokka marka cinema…samoy kete jabe…..

  21. shahadat Says:

    its good movie, i like it…

  22. wasiuddin Says:

    hi bangladesh

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