Bengali Movie Mahaguru Starring Mithun Chakraborty, Debasree Roy, Jishu Sengupta

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Posted on November 8, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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19 Responses to “**Mahaguru”

  1. vaskar Says:


  2. mamon Says:

    Thank u so much for this movie..Could u upload wanted(bengali) movie please …And some other new bengali movies Please ..we are waiting for that ..

  3. mamon Says:

    Thank u so much for this movie..And can u upload some new bengali movie …Thank u..

  4. sonai Says:

    plz if possible upload josh and wanted

  5. Arup Says:

    Thanks for the upload.I was eagerly waiting for it.
    Indeed one of the finest performances by Mithun Da.Throughout the movie everybody delivered the needful.
    I would say thanks to those Producers and directors who realize that people still love quality movie.

  6. kamalika Says:

    This is a good movie, but some parts are missing can you plz upload the full movie.

  7. wasiuddin Says:

    hi everyone!

  8. badal Says:

    bahhhh…..darun.mon vore galo.tnx admin

  9. Aniruddha Says:

    Excellent Movie. Mithun da proved again , he is one of the best actor.

  10. Panta Says:

    Hats off to Mithun,darun darun abhinoy.Ekebare phataphati.Lokta jemon bhalo bengali jonno bhabe tar abhinoi tao tai.

  11. Manash Banerjee Says:

    Asadharon Direction…Asadharon Acting..Kono Kotha hobe na..

  12. MJOY Says:

    This site is giving inspiration for a person like me fighting with death to live alive. Kindly upload the balance of SUKNOLANKA.

  13. B B Das Says:

    Thanks for putting this classic movie. Mithun was minblowing…………hats off to him.

  14. jydp Says:

    Nice movie.

  15. P.K. Basu Says:

    Excellent! Breath of fresh air. All round superlative performance by all actors. Of course, Sabyasachi and Mithun are at their best. Look forward to more in the near future.

  16. iqbal Says:

    please upload the remaining parts; watched upto 7,excellent movie

  17. mamoni Says:

    could watch just part1.Could you please upload the remaining parts, we stay outside India, its a great thing that we can still watch recent Bengali films from here…….Great job guys

  18. mamon Says:

    josh and wanted movie ta khub shundor ..Apnara jara dakte chan tara youtube a tipe korun dakte paben…And thank u for uploading this movie .

  19. biplab Says:

    nice would you please uploag new movies like paglu, fighter untitled venture?

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