Bengali Movie Dwando Starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Biplab Chattejee, Ananya Chatterjee

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Posted on November 12, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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9 Responses to “**Dwando”

  1. Som Says:

    Storyline does not have any direction. Unwanted emotional punch – which made the movie unreal.

    Undoubtedly – very hard and complexity incurred to confuse audience….which is disgusting.

    This could have been better.

  2. badal Says:

    onnorokm.2/1 bar khapchara lagleo sob miliye valo legeche.asole ai rokom movie kom hoye…eta onekta batikrom er cheyeo batikrim.soumitro chaterjee asolei birat ovineta.tar protita songlap onek poripokko….tnx admin.

  3. Arup Says:

    Well made, sensible, clean movie. It is a movie to remember and to suggest others to watch. Ananya Chatterjee’s acting was impressive. I will look forward to her roles in future movies. She has a great potential. Soumitra Chatterjee continues to blow me away with his acting at this age.

  4. Deb Says:

    Amazing movie. I like the dialog throughing.. Definitely Ananya and Soumitra preformed one of the best role.

  5. Banerjee Says:

    Plz Plz upload Antarbas..plz..thank in advance

  6. palash Says:

    Joghonno cinema .. english na bangla boi setai bojha jayna .. total baparta eto obscure .. je director nijeke biraat kichu bhabey .. seita chara baki kono kichu clear noy … bitkel bhabe baje chobi

  7. jydp Says:

    bhalo legechey. ei dhoroner bangla chobi khubi kom dekha jae. asakori eirokom chobi aro amra dekhtey pabo.

  8. Shamim Says:

    Nice plot and good to see mild twist in the end.

  9. moni Says:

    movie – taar execution bhaalo…obhinoy -o besh…kintu, galpo ta thik utroi ni jodio theme ta bhalo..galpo tai gandogole – satyam shibom sundorom noy sudhui shibom tai thik sundorom e uttoron ta ghatey ni

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