Sare Chuattor

Sare Chuattor

Bengali Movie Sare Chuattor Starring Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen

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Posted on December 1, 2010 by admin in Calcutta Movies, Classic Movies, Uttam Kumar Movies

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11 Responses to “Sare Chuattor”

  1. Swapan Roy Chowdhury Says:

    old is gold a good movie.

  2. rumki Says:

    joto gulo hasir cinema asey amar kasey sare cuyattor number one mone hoi.

  3. anirban Says:

    old movie is gold at this time

  4. ratnashree banerjee Says:

    chotobalaay jaa dekhini akhon shath bochor boyose se saadh puro korchi.daaroon sob kothaa ki taar obhibyakti koto je sundor likhe bojhabaar moto khomotaa amaar nei.

  5. riya Says:

    plese give the full movoie of sare chuattor..the movie is incompelte.

  6. j.p.ghosh Says:

    please load kalbela and pikur diary.

  7. Parijat Says:

    Please movie ta purota upload korun. Half movie dekheyechhi bole protidin Maayer boka kete hochhe. UK er borof pora shete berate asha Maa ke ei site er kollyane kicchuta entertainment dite perechhi. Dhonnobad old bengali movie uploader der.

  8. admin Says:

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I’ve updated the movie, so you should be able to watch full movie now.

  9. Parijat Says:

    Thanx. Thanx a lot indeed.

  10. Abir Says:

    Dear Viewer please note that last part of this movie in not present in this online site… If you are watching this then I am very sorry to inform you that you may not conclude this movie…..

    Dear Abir, I’ve just put a new set of videos for the movie. Hope this helps… Admin.

  11. P.Karmakar Says:

    Uttam Kumar is the milestone in our bengali movie…………………….

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