Apan Jan

Bengali movie Apan Jan, starring Kalyan Chatterjee, Partho Mukherjee, Chinmoy Roy, Mrinal Mukherjee, Nirmal Kumar, Bhanu Banerjee, Dilip Roy, Robi Ghosh, Samit Bhanja, Swarup Dutta, Sumita Sanyal, Juin Banerjee, Chhaya Debi, Soma Chakraborty, Romi Choudhury was released in 1968. The movie is directed by Tapan Sinha. He also scored the music in the movie. In the movie Chhaya Debi brilliantly played the role of the old woman who ‘adopts’ a group of lumpen youth sensing the emotional vulnerability beneath their violent reduction of democracy to a series of gang wars.

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  1. gohine shobdo

  2. khub sundor movie….tnx admin.jodi somvob hoye goutam gosh er ‘moner manus’ movie ta upload korben.opekkhaye thaklam.

  3. such a beautiful movie…

  4. amader dese ato sundor movie banano hocche vabte amar valo lagse.dhonnobad

  5. onek valo movie!!! Thank you so much admin for uploading such a wonderful movie.

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  7. wonderful movie

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  11. I like this movie

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    like it.

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