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5 Responses to “Sathihara”

  1. Outstanding movie. Dada, do you have Pathbhola (1986) starring Utpal Dutta, Prasenjit, Tapas Pal, Sandhya Roy. Pls upload.

  2. Rakhal Ch.Dhar Says:
    February 22, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Excessive buffering

    • The file size is too big, so the buffering occurs. Try to reduce the video quality. To the bottom right of youtube player 360p quality is selected. Open the arrow and select 240p and you’ll be fine. Hope this helps. Admin.

  3. Nothing special…story is dull and others performances too. Watching only for Uttam Kumar who’s wonderful as always!

  4. This movie is Uttam Kumar and Uttam Kumar only.

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