Arogya Niketan

Arogya Niketan

Bangla Movie Arogya Niketan Starring Sandhya Roy, Subhendu Chatterjee, Bikash Roy

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Posted on March 23, 2011 by admin in Calcutta Movies
Bengali movie Arogya Niketan, starring Bankim Ghose, Subhendu Chatterjee, Jahar Ganguly, Robi Ghosh, Bikash Roy, Dilip Roy, Chhaya Debi, Ruma Guhathakurta, Sandhya Roy was released in 1969. The movie is directed by Bijoy Basu. Robin Chatterjee scored the music in the movie. In the movie Subhendu Chatterjee played the role of a doctor practising medicine in his own village amidst difficulties and adversities.

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22 Responses to “Arogya Niketan”

  1. badal Says:

    1st part deklam matro..mone hocche darun movie…somoyer ovabe ekhon deklam na…sobai dekhe nin joldi.

  2. krik Says:

    ok… not too good… khob akta jomlo na…

  3. badal Says:

    deklam…sotti onek valo legayche..tnx admin.

  4. tisa Says:


  5. sushant Says:


  6. Arup Says:

    Besh bhalo laglo.

  7. moni Says:

    motamuti majar cinema….gaan gulo bhalo….bhaloi laglo!

  8. subir chakraborty Says:

    Khub bhalo laglo, galpata natun dharner

  9. moon Says:

    funny movie.u can learn something frm it.

  10. sohini Says:

    atyonto beshi rokomer overacting……

  11. sayanti Says:

    satti…sab bhalo paoyar ache amar adhikar..gaan ta sarthok…besh bhalo movie..

  12. Mistu Says:

    This is no doubt a good movie. This is one way of telling the story of an apparently odd man and woman (thief and thief’s wife). It nicely picturized the thoughts behond human (thief and gentleman) minds.

    I do not understand why many people did not like it. Could anyone (of them) explain me why they did not like it?

  13. ananya chatterjee Says:

    where is part 5?

  14. admin Says:

    @ananya, not available any more. Files get deleted every now and then in youtube if there is any copyright claim. We have to live with it. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Admin…

  15. chatak Says:

    Simultaneously can upload it with Dailymotion,Hostingcup,Megavideo,Novamov,Screen4u,etc

  16. Lutonbashi Says:

    Eto dure boshe o kintu mone hoi naa kolkata theke dure achhi .. actress/actors ra definitely the best… obhinay hoito bujhi naa kintu khub bhalo laglo..darun movie, sabai dekhte paren..its worth spending a saturday :-)

  17. tamara jaker Says:

    Based on a funny story, the movie is well made and entertaining. Everyone does a fantastic job including Rituporna Sen who gives a touching performance! Yes it’s full of overacting and I think that is intentional. The lyrics are beautiful and the dialogue is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing! So glad to know these days good movies are being made in Calcutta. Thanks for giving us such a good time through your website.

  18. mr.bean Says:


  19. G.A.M Says:

    realy very N & b MOVIE

  20. tumpa Says:

    bhalo movie. definitely hasir kintu anek kichu bale gache o sekhar ache. jani na satyi jodi ata west bengal e hoy .
    good luck mamata
    kintu bakider niye chalte tomaro ki akai haal habe na

  21. parimal Says:

    thanks a lot to provide this film thanks again

  22. pray Says:

    valo galpo.

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