Bangla Movie Kashinath Starring Asit Baran, Utpal Sen, Sunanda Banerjee

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Bengali Movie Kashinath was released in 1943. The movie is directed by Nitin Bose. Pankaj Mullick scored the music in the movie. In the movie Shiromoni is the priest of the village. He had lost his wife. He had only one son Kashinath (Asit Baran). One day as he fell ill he sent Kashinath to the Mukherjee house for daily worshiping. When Kashinath returned home he found his father dead. So Mr. Mukherjee requested the zamindar of adjacent village Pitambar Chakraborty (Utpal Sen) to take the responsibility of Kashinath. Kashinath didn’t want to leave his village, and her friend Bindu, Mukherjee’s daughter. Widow Pitambar liked Kashinath at the first sight. He was worried about her daughter Kamala (Sunanda Banerjee). So he arranged an early marriage of Kamala and Kashinath. Bindu was struggling with his ailing husband and so he called Kashinath. Kashinath came to Calcutta to meet Bindu but it was impossible for him to get back early. In the meantime Pitambar made a will before his death and gave all his property to his daughter Kamala. He also gave the charge of looking after the estate to a foreign returned manager. After returning Kashinath found there was a huge gap between him and Kamala. The new manager Mr. Dutta also took the advantage of the misunderstanding between husband and wife. One day Kashinath was insulted by his wife and was hurt by the attack of goons deputed by Mr. Dutta. Bindu came and took Kashinath along with her. Hearing that Kamala rushed to Kashinath and came to know Bindu was none other then Kashinath’s sister, so again Kamala and Kashinath were united.

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