Rag Anurag

Rag Anurag

Bangla Movie Rag Anurag Starring Aparna Sen, Ranjit Mullick, Anup Kumar

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Posted on April 19, 2011 by admin in Calcutta Movies, Classic Movies
Bengali movie Rag Anurag, starring Aparna Sen, Ranjit Mullick, Anup Kumar, Sumitra Mukherjee was released in 1975. The movie is directed by Dinen Gupta. Hemanta Mukherjee scored the music in the movie. In the movie Shankar Sen (Ranjit Mullick) is a famous singer. He is extremely charming and girls are crazy for him. He stays with his uncle and aunt who fix his marriage with Mita (Aparna Sen), one of his ardent admirers. All goes well till the day when Mita’s family puts up one condition for marriage. Shankar has to stay as a home-based husband. Shankar finds this terribly humiliating and leaves town. In train he meets Mita who does not know him by face. She does not recognize him and he reaches Kalimpong and starts living with his friend Barun (Anup Kumar). Incidentally, Mita reaches there too and Barun has to pose as Shankar. Thus starts a hilarious hide and seek game. Mita soon comes to know about Shankar’s plan but she pretends not to understand anything. Thus, the game continues with Shankar falling for Mita at last and Mita discarding the previously put up condition.

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    very nice movie

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    khub bhaloo…

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    could u upload more movies of ranjit mullik when he was playing the role as hero.
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    please kindly upload the Ranjit Mullick movies specially RAAG ANURAAG with Aparna sen please please kindly Subrata

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