Prithibi Amare Chay

Prithibi Amare Chay

Bangla Movie Prithibi Amare Chay Starring Uttam Kumar, Mala Sinha, Asit Baran, Chhabi Biswas, Tulsi Chakrabarty

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Posted on May 4, 2011 by admin in Calcutta Movies, Classic Movies, Uttam Kumar Movies
Bengali movie Prithibi Amare Chay, starring Uttam Kumar, Mala Sinha, Asit Baran, Chhabi Biswas, Tulsi Chakrabarty, Anup Kumar, Chandrabati Debi, Manju Dey, Sandhyarani, Pahadi Sanyal, Renuka Roy, Aparna, Sukla Das, Santosh Singha, Gangapada Basu, Tarun Kumar, Shyam Laha, Dhiraj Das, Ajit Prakash was released in 1957. Produced under the banner HNC Productions the movie was directed by Niren Lahiri. Nachiketa Ghosh scored the music in the movie, while Pranab Roy, Bidhayak Bhattacharya, Gouri Prasanna Majumdar, Bimal Ghosh penned down the lyrics. Hemanta Mukherjee, Alpana Banerjee, Geeta Dutta, Shyamal Mitra were the playback singers in the movie. The story is based on poverty and struggle of two young fella – Uttam Kumar & Mala Sinha. Watch this classic bangla movie online below.

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4 Responses to “Prithibi Amare Chay”

  1. tamara jaker Says:

    This is the first time I watched this movie but i heard all the songs and enjoyed them a lot like everybody else. The story is funny and entertaining. Actually there’s no comparison with the old Bengali classic movies! And about Uttam Kumar…what else can I say which was not told already! Just feel sorry we did not get to see his more mature roles.

  2. Hussain Says:

    Dada Babu Adab.

    I do indeed enjoy very much watching films on your web page and have been doing so ever since (I think) you started uploading Bengali films.

    I heard of this film (Pritibi Amarey Chaie) many many times but never had the opportunity to watch. When I got this opportunity through your web site unfortunately, could not watch because of very poor quality of its sound system.

    However, I shall be ever so grateful if you could please fix the sound system and please make it a better sound quality of the film than it is at present. Thanks ever so much.

    Many regards.

    United Kingdom

  3. হেলাল Says:

    ভারতীয় বাংলা ছবি মানেই উত্তম কুমার। উত্তমের ছবি দেখলে মনে হয়
    আমিও সেই পুরানো দিনে ফিরে যাই।
    মোহাম্মদ হেলাল উদ্দিন তালুকদার (হেলাল)

  4. সফিউদ্দিন আহমাদ Says:

    এই ছবির গানগুলো একটু খেয়াল করেন ,কি রকম প্রগতিশীল – বখশিস চাই না মালিক ,হিসাবের পাওনা চাই

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