Movie News & Promo: Fighter

Movie News & Promo: Fighter

Bengali Movie Fighter Starring Jeet, Srabonti, Ferdous

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Posted on May 10, 2011 by admin in Movie News & Promos
Bangla movie Fighter – Marbo Noy Morbo, starring Jeet, Srabonti, Ferdous, Biplab Chatterjee, Biswajit Chakraborty, Bharat Kaul, Joy Badlani, Biswanath Ghosh, Mousumi Saha, Locket Chatterjee, Ashish Vidyarthy was released in 2011. The movie is directed by Rabi Kinagi and produced by IOU Films. Indradeep Dasgupta scored the music in the movie. Watch a promo and few songs of the movie below.

Cast & Credit:
Starring – Jeet, Srabonti, Ferdous, Biplab Chatterjee, Biswajit Chakraborty, Bharat Kaul, Joy Badlani, Biswanath Ghosh, Mousumi Saha, Locket Chatterjee, Ashish Vidyarthy
Screenplay & Directed by – Rabi Kinagi
Produced by – IOU Films
Editing by – Rabiranjan Maitra
Music by – Indradeep Dasgupta
Lyrics by – Prasan, Gautam Susmit, Priyo Chattapadhyay
Playback Singers – Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Monali Thakur, Soham, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Dibyendu, Indradeep Dasgupta
Distributed by – Eskay Movies Production
Release date(s) – January, 2011

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  1. sushant Says:

    movita kothai? 6 months old promo and movie, pls upload full movie, no promo………….

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    plese sir release i’m waiting

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    kobe asbe movie?

  5. jenny Says:

    can u please upload the movie?

  6. Arafat from Australia Says:

    guys watch this movie on youtube came like 7 months ago. Just type fighter bangla movie part 1 then bang.thanx

  7. Rony Says:

    Faltu movie. Ami Korle Valo Hoto…

  8. Rony Says:

    Heroin is Nice Girl. I Like Her But Tera (Ak dike Takay Arek Dike Dheke).

  9. supriya Says:

    lovely songs also i love jeet

  10. rajibul Says:

    please upload the full movie.
    Chef Rajibul

  11. Antor Says:

    ami jeeter big fan, so i am witing for fighter, kabe asbe movieta?

  12. Rubel Says:

    ai film ta kobe ashbe

  13. sarwer Says:

    I love 2 watch action movie, specially of Jeet who is my favorite actor. I’m optimistic it will hit like as previous Josh, Wanted. So I couldn’t wait more, plz upload as early as possible. tankz.

  14. mdmorshed42 Says:

    bangla film fighter

  15. ria Says:

    Jeet is awesome i lyk his all film…I want to see this pic…:( when it will be come…???

  16. naim Says:

    movie kothai,,,,,promo daka ke hoba,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bhai movieta upload koran plz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. ripon Says:

    kolkata bangla movie and hot movie

  18. emon khan Says:

    movie ta kobe asbe?

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  20. krishnendu Says:

    movie ta dhkta chay please……

  21. aminul Says:

    plz upload this movie

  22. rana Says:

    movie ta onek valo hove mone hoy

  23. kosto_pete_bhalobashe@ Says:

    ami jeet & Srabonti ke onek like kare

  24. kosto_pete_bhalobashe@y Says:

    nice move

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  26. Shakawat Says:

    FIGHTER movie ta taratari upload koren PLZ……………..

  27. modon Says:

    movie dela den na dela promo katen plz………………

  28. shamim Says:

    plz can u release this movie.i m waiting to watch this movie cuz jeet is my favourite actore and srabonti is same but she is very cute…plz as soon as possible release this movie….

  29. sunil jana Says:

    booring heero jeet

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  31. somnath Says:

    movieta kothai promo dekhe ki korbo promo jekono jaiga tei dekhte pabo
    ppllzzzzz upload this movie first

  32. sunil Says:

    Faltu hero. Dev Korle Valo Hoto

  33. sunil Says:

    Jeet is not enough for the new generation.

  34. Paaplu Says:

    pls upload this movie….

  35. pranab kumar polleya Says:

    movie ta kobe onlinea deban tara tari please…………..

  36. mizan Says:

    ami majhemodde kolkatar movie dekhi. amar kase kub balo laga. but ekana onekdin dhore dektase kono nuton movie upload kortasan na. kintu news & promo deya raksan keno. ebhava ar khoto din jaba. plz nuton movie upload koran. ami jeet, dev, koyel and srabonthi r movie bashi dekhi…

  37. borson Says:

    hey we are waiting long time for this movie……plz upload this movie…. i’ve checked every site but i didnt find anywhere upload this bangla movie plz plz…

  38. FARUK Says:

    2020 saler mudde ke movie ta uplod hobe

  39. harun Says:

    kolkata bangla movie and hot movie or popolar movie

  40. Biplob Says:

    i like bangla movie

  41. khairul dipu Says:

    i like bangla movies

  42. tahmid topu Says:

    hi, how are you?
    Dear Tahmid, I’m fine. Thanks for visiting my website. Admin.

  43. hera Says:

    Faltu movie, jeet is my favourate actor but in this movie will not hit.

  44. saydul Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz upload this movie

  45. Md. Jihad Hossain Says:

    eshob siter ki kono mullo ache?shudhu promo die rakhe 1 bochor………puro film kothay?

  46. saif Says:

    accha movie ta upload kobe hobe admin? plzzzzzz dhekar boro shuk chelo.kobe hobe? admin bulon plzzzzzzzz

  47. Syed Ahmed Says:

    please upload this movie. I can’t wait to watch it. :(

  48. Mujakkir Ahmed Says:

    ami aj 6 to 7 month dhore apeksha korram ay film ar jonno kundun upoload hobe ke jane mone hoy amader mittur por ay film upload hobe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ron Says:

    Pls pls pls Joto taratare somvhob Fighter Movie ta Upload korun. Pls pls pls.

  50. haque Says:

    pls realise fighter promo

  51. jahidul islam Says:

    ami akjon bangladeshi but ami kalikatar movie khub like kori.

  52. Shaif khan Says:

    plz give full movie online

  53. paramesh Says:

    there is lot of request to upload the movie and i am also requesting the same.

  54. paramesh Says:

    is there any body there to take the necessery action to uploading the movie?

  55. hannan Says:

    I like this bengali movie…

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