Bangla Movie Noukadubi Starring Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jishu Sengupta, Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Laboni Sarkar, Sumanta mukherjee

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Posted on October 8, 2011 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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5 Responses to “Noukadubi”

  1. Pronob Says:

    awsome movie n Rituporno and the characters Rock..

  2. Swapan Roy Chowdhury Says:

    An excelent impressive movie.Very well acted by both actor and actoress. Thank for posting NOUKADUBI.

  3. tamara jaker Says:

    I have long been waiting to watch this movie,so first of all thank you so much for posting this unique movie.I’m a big fan of Rituporono Ghosh and love his work. All of the directors perhaps want to create new vision and idea out of the original piece on which the movie is based upon. Yet I think it would be better of the way Tagore ends his novel. It feels like the movie has abruptly finished. Also Tagore put a lot of emphasis and care in Nolinakhha’s character. In this movie his character did not quite bloom even though Prosenjeet is a pretty powerful actor. Anther thing bothers me almost everybody speaks in huskey and a bit spooky voice. Other than that everyone has done a superb job. Especially Jishu and Raima are excellent. Thanks.

  4. Munni Says:

    Its a beautiful movie,amazing.all actor and actress are done good job,specially Jishu,Raima and Riya,excellent.awesome movie, people will remember it long time. all the best.

  5. Shamim Says:

    I am amazed to think how Kamala was flown away from Gorakhpur to Kashi Ghaat through water route. There are 2 rivers adjacent and nearby of Gorakhpur – Rapti and Saryu. Now, there is no connection of those 2 rivers with Ganges..May be I am wrong..Anybody could write me..I am not sure what Tagore has actually penned down.

    Plus the paper cut was intact even after being under water..

    Anyway, the movie is worth to prasied.

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