Pati Param Guru

Pati Param Guru

Enjoy bangla film Pati Param Guru online starring Tapas Pal, Indrani Dutta, Shubhendu Chatterjee, Utpal Dutt, Anup Kumar, Manoj Mitra, Kaushik Banerjee, Master Rintu, Tarun Kumar, Manmath Mukherjee, Papia Adhikari, Naina Das, Lily Chakraborty, Anamika Saha

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Posted on October 17, 2012 by admin in Calcutta Movies

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5 Responses to “Pati Param Guru”

  1. ali_pangoo Says:

    hi, i like this bangla movie…

  2. Tarun Says:

    Dear Administrator,
    I’ve a feeling your site has been infiltrated by a trojan (malware) Please refer to IP:

  3. admin Says:

    @Tarun, It seems ok at my end. Can you please elaborate what problem you are having? Thanks. Admin…

  4. Tarun Says:

    Dear Admin,
    It seems the problem is not there anymore!
    In case it appears again, I’m prepared to gather
    further details for your scrutiny.

  5. topu Says:

    i have seen this movie 3 is really a very comedy movie . tapas pal acting superb in this bangla movie . Bangla Movie

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