Movie News & Promo: Antaheen

Movie News & Promo: Antaheen

Bengali Movie Antaheen Starring Rahul Bose, Radhika Apte, Aparna Sen, Sharmila Tagore

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Posted on August 3, 2009 by admin in Movie News & Promos
Bengali movie Antaheen (The Endless Wait), starring Radhika Apte, Rahul Bose, Mita Vashisth, Aparna Sen, Kalyan Ray and Sharmila Tagore was released in January 2009. The movie was directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and produced by Jeet Banerjee, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Indrani Mukerjee. Shantanu Moitra scored the music in the movie. Antaheen starts with a Kolkata cop, Rahul Bose, raiding a den of anti-socials and retrieving a huge cache of arms and ammunition. The movie cuts to a scene in a television studio where Radhika Apte is calling the shots. As she packs up her day’s programme on the raid, Roy Chowdhury pushes away her and Rahul’s professional life to a corner, and engages them in a blind internet dating. As the narrative weaves through party circuits and / or social gatherings and a host of characters – including Rahul’s aunt, essayed by Sharmila Tagore, and his brother, Kalyan Ray, drifting away from wife and Radhika’s boss Aparna Sen – a canvas of relationships emerges. One of them is that of Rahul and Radhika’s, who come close to each other in the real world, but without realising that they have been “virtual” partners as well. Watch a collection of promo and songs of the movie below.

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54 Responses to “Movie News & Promo: Antaheen”

  1. Partha Says:

    Really love the movie…………..thanks for putting this movie online….

  2. kamalika Says:

    it’s a nice movie

  3. Anirudha Says:

    Realy Nice one…..

  4. Ashish Says:

    the story definitely have been well said … Why not the movie have an English version?

  5. Pinaki Says:

    This is an extraordinary,above expectation movie, hats off to the Director Aniruddhdha. This kind of Bengali Movie must be online for probasi bengalis.

  6. Sen Says:

    More of the same. Can’t the modern Bengali movies move out of the deformed relationships? I would say “Antaheen Chorbito-chorbon”.

  7. Tempest Says:

    Kharap na! Tobe aar ektu bhalo hotey parto.

  8. Pralay Says:

    khub valo. choto golper moto. “sesh hoe hoilona sesh”.

  9. AMIT Says:

    IT WAS OSSAM………MANY THNGS 2 LRN …..GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bazle Mahbub Says:

    Rahul is a superb actor. I have seen and enjoyed
    movies where he was a leading actor.

  11. KaushikBM Says:

    well made movie.

  12. Sebanti Says:

    really, awesome. “there are cerntain things which cant be express in words”. I enjoyed it and feel the characters thru my inner person.

  13. subir banerjee Says:

    Regret not to find the movie online. Request, kindly put it online again.

  14. admin Says:

    @subir, sorry for the inconvenience. I’m on the lookout for another online source…



  16. swapan gupta Says:

    First part & portion of second was fine and then sound track was missing. It is not enjoyable to watch a movie with caption only.

  17. admin Says:

    @swapan gupta, i’ve put another source of the movie up. let me know if it has any flaws…

  18. shuvo Says:

    Really nice….I have never seen that’s kind of story..I wish it’ll not happen in our real life..

  19. Anupam Says:

    Can anybody say where i can get the song which plays at the background b/w 36.00 and 37.53th minute. Possibly its frm the legendary Pranab Biswas.

  20. skp Says:

    nice movie with excellent songs…ending was too good…”Antaheen Apeksha”….Title & story asadharan..

  21. rita bose Says:

    Antoheen is a nice movie and thanks for giving in online

  22. dipendra ghosh Says:

    It’s really a nice move and obviously this movie set a milestone among adhunik bengoli cinema.
    Thanx 4 giving in online.

  23. Rahul Says:

    sotti,jiboner koyekta anubhuti antoheen.Bhison sundor ekta movie. Onek ta bhabiye tole.khub sadharon hoyeo onekta asadharon.

    Bhindeshi tara

  24. Dev Says:

    It’s really nice………………

  25. Chandan Says:

    thinking of writer should have increase much more. It has stopped very early….. isn’t it?

  26. BIRAJ Says:


  27. Jhilmil Says:

    Khub sundor expression of emotion -Antoheen
    aye rokom movie dekhle besh sundor ekta anubhuti hoy. Moner onno ekta dik khule jai………….Good movie

  28. siddhartho Says:

    how do you make it ‘full screen’?

  29. Sunita Says:

    Ekakitya chirontorer jonyo………..karo pase thaka khaniker……….bhalo laglo…….good attempt.

  30. N Says:

    Excellent movie.

  31. sareena Says:


  32. sareena Says:

    from i can get old bengali movie jogajog 1958 from tagor novil in hindi sanjog i cant buy from online i have no facility my problm,,,,,,,plz solve

  33. Chandrani Says:

    Kichhu anubhuti sudhu anubhab kara jay, katha diye prakash kora na. Antaheen dekhar por sei anubhuti amay shudhu nistabdha kore basiye rekhechhe bahukhhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. debojyoti Says:

    can u again upload antaheen……….plzzzzzz

  35. Moumita Says:

    Osadharon fatafati movie…

  36. anindita Says:

    it touched my heart…I loved it…Radhika,Rahul n others are mind blowing..

  37. santanu Says:

    I cant see this movie may be the links breakout………please upload again

  38. admin Says:

    @santanu, it works for me…

  39. barin Says:

    purota dekha jache na…
    72 min er por bolche abar kal k..
    er solution ki..?

  40. Joy Says:

    movie ta jeno ekta chotto kobitar moton, ek ekta line, ek ekta kotha, eder moddhe je koto ta maane lukiye aache….osadharon…bhetor ta chuye gelo onek din por ekta movie…rahul and all others were simply fabulous

  41. Debalina Says:

    Awesom movie. Khub bhalo laglo.. I have tried viewing it from other sits.. but have had issues. Here it was all fine. Only the “view full screen” option was not working. Rest was fine. I enjoyed it a lottt. I liked all th characters.. esp Rahul.. mind blowing.

  42. Debalina Says:

    Ishhh.. Bindra could have been alive.. was in tear almost. Rahul’s AMAZING. It’s like sesh hoye hoilo na sesh.. movie ended with unsaid pain.. life moves on.. it really doesn’t end for anyone. But then this hard truth can be kept for real life.. reel life can not lil more colorful.. atleast we can live the life in reel which we can’t live in real. I wanted a little happier ending.. :-( LOVE YOU RAHUL.. you are AWESOME.

  43. hira Says:

    i didn`t finish yet because from website automatically came have to wait 20 mins but good movie what watched

  44. Moyukh Mukherjee Says:

    please upload Le Chakka

  45. francis palma Says:

    It is a nice film, I like it, but sound track has some troubleshooting problems. I mean conversation sound (dialogue) and lips movement did not match.Dialogue sound is few seconds forward than lips movement. Abouve all, story, acting and scenery were well performed.Thanks from Francis Palma.

  46. kostet Says:

    o ya its nice,,,finishing touches my heart,,,,mone rekhe gelo dag,,,,ghum thik holo na,,,

  47. Ritu Says:

    Did anyone face a problem with the sound? Every part gets stuck in streaming for a few secs and the next thing..sound’s gone for that part. It’s not happened a single day but everytime i tried watching..suggestions?!

  48. adhi Says:

    i’m new at bengali movies for a new love let me see the movie first i hope it has something to learn…..thanks

  49. Kamalika Roy Says:

    It reflects the mature mind which contributed in Indian Cinema since Satyajit Roy.. Proud to be a Bengali. Its the 5th time i watched this movie.

  50. Sabyasachi Says:

    Daroooon picture, I have enjoyed,,,,,,,,,Rahul is asadharan

  51. Labib Says:

    cant see the link still……:(

  52. sarwar Says:

    I want to watch this movie online.

  53. MURAD Says:


  54. Ronen Says:

    Finally a good movie after ages.loved it.

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