Bangla Movie Biyallish Starring Pradeep Kumar, Bikash Roy, Suruchi Sengupta, Manju De

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Bengali movie Biyallish, starring Pradeep Kumar, Suruchi Sengupta, Manju Dey, Bikash Roy, Sombhu Mitra, Bankim Ghosh, Anil Ganguly, Shyamal Dutta, was released in 1951. The movie was directed by Hemen Gupta. Hemant Kumar scored the music in the movie. Biyallish is a Bengali Patriotic Movie. Set in pre-independent India, Biyallish is a story of 42 revolutionaries who decided to end the reign of Britishers in India. Enjoy this classic Bangla movie below.

Story: Ajay (Pradeep Kumar) is a supporter of Gandhi and is also the leader of the gang who along with his wife Beena is readying to trigger a coup to conquer the military barracks. An Indian origin ACP Trivedi who works for the Britishers emerges as a tormentor. To nab Ajay, he burns down Ajay’s house with his son in it who later dies yet Beena doesn’t give out his whereabouts. He then sodomises Beena which results in her losing her sanity. Meanwhile Mahatma Gandhi announces that India will achieve independence on 29th September 1942 and asks his countrymen to stay ready for the day. With Ajay on the run and Beena mentally unstable, Ajay’s mother leads the 42 revolutionaries. Will she be able to achieve independence? Will these 42 freedom fighters be able to overthrow the Britishers from the military barrack?

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