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10 Responses to “*Jackpot”

  1. Very Very good movie,

  2. Thanks for sharing its a good video but the movie is okay to me.

  3. something new……well acting koyel….

  4. ses hoyay hailo na ses

  5. tingtong Says:
    April 15, 2010 at 2:44 am

    wht a faltu movie…

  6. well try ,excellent,congrats to koushik ganuly for this creative idea

  7. good movie… i liked it

  8. Love is nothing without money.

  9. valo legeche, vola jay na gaan ta valo. overall good.

  10. Exceptional story…well made and everybody did a great job. Nonetheless, the jokes are enjoyable too. Only question is how much the ending is compatible with the reality!But undoubtedly it’s one of the must see movies and thank you so much for entertaining us by posting great movies like this.

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