*Uttar Falguni

*Uttar Falguni

Bengali Movie Uttar Falguni Starring Suchitra Sen, Bikash Roy

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Posted on July 5, 2009 by admin in Calcutta Movies, Classic Movies

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7 Responses to “*Uttar Falguni”

  1. Swapan Gupta Says:

    This is the second time I have watched the movie after you have offered it in your web site. Bought the DVD from an outfit but it was a pirated copy and never worked. Complained but money was not returned. I have wasted my money. I like watching old classic bangla movies as opposed to current Bollywood type bangla movies where neither the heroes nor the heroeins fit the bills. May be I am old fashioned.

  2. parimal sengupta Says:

    this is a finest site ever found i have downloaded not less than twelve movie. i find every thing fine and no problem either downloading or quality.critics may cry as usal. my humble reqest if u kindly place SUNO BARONARI here.

  3. anuradha Says:

    can anybody upload TINTORETTOR JESHU here?

  4. Tutul Says:

    Hallo friends this is the first time I am watching the movie as NABARAAG. This one is the most far different from the others of Arun & Rama. In our calcutta movies has been given a golden age of movies but you cant see this type of role of the couple like DEYA NEYA….. EKTI RAAT OR CHWYA PAWYA……..

    Thanks to viewers of NABARAAG………….

  5. mrinal Says:

    plz. upload bengali movie Fariyaad

  6. DEEP Says:

    i fail to watch uttor falguni. is there is any problem?

  7. admin Says:

    @DEEP, the movie got deleted from youtube. I’ll post it again as soon as another copy is available. Sorry for any inconvenience. Admin.

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