Neel Nesha

Neel Nesha

Bengali Film Neel Nesha is a feature film against the war of drugs. Directed by : Satyajit Majumder, Music by : Pradip Hajra & Barun Sikder, Edited by : Chiranjit Ghoshal

Posted on January 4, 2012 by mrsatyajit in Movie News & Promos

If u feel all your happiness is being squeezed by the black hole, what should u do? When dreams become nightmare every night, unwanted parasites pricks and cuts your humanity, what should u do?

Sabuj and Sweety are the main characters in this movie whose life was ruined by the notorious drug pedlar Zamal Bhai and his gang because it was due to this Zamal Bhai the young couple had lost their elder ones and so to take revenge Sabuj and Sweety  entered in to the crime world…

And after then what will happen with Sabuj and Sweety…… ??? will they succeed in their mission or Zamal bhai’s strength and power will again smash them like their elders…………..Who will win atlast ………….. young energetic and daredevil youth community or the Crime???

To get the feeds of all these queries, watch out Satyajit Majumder’s New Feature Film – NEEL NESHA…

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4 Responses to “Neel Nesha”

  1. hossain m mamun Says:

    how i see this movie…

  2. admin Says:

    @hossain, This movie will be exclusively released online on this website. Director Satyajit Majumder had requested me to release it here. So stay tuned for any update. Admin.

  3. Joydip Says:

    Looks like a B grade bengali movie. Pathetic.

  4. alam Says:

    proper shit! it doesn’t even look like a b grade movie

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