Bengali Movie Sagarika Starring Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Pahadi Sanyal, Jiben Bose, Jahar Ganguly, Namita Sinha, Kamal Mitra, Anup Kumar

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Posted on July 16, 2009 by admin in Calcutta Movies, Classic Movies, Uttam Kumar Movies

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11 Responses to “Sagarika”

  1. Swapan Gupta Says:

    Thank you for offering this movie for people like me who has left India long ago. Seen a few old classic movies like this one but memory fades away over time. Best I like is the plot of the movie and ofcourse superb acting. Thanks again.

  2. swapan gupta Says:

    Only 6 parts are working this afternoon, others are not playing. Besides, one has to click on the image on every part for the part to be activated. It was working automatically last night. Fixing the error will be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. admin Says:

    To Swapan:
    Just updated the link. The playlist url changed in youtube. I’ve no clue why this happened. But its solved now. You shouldn’t have any problem watching it. Happy watching and have a nice weekend…

  4. R.C Says:

    It did not work after part 11, automatically stopped.

  5. admin Says:

    To R.C:
    Next to youtube player (bottom-right) you’ll see the sagarika playlist. Scroll down if needed and click on the part you want to watch. Playlist is hosted on youtube and if it doesn’t work there is noting i can do. But the workaround I suggested above should work. Thanks for visiting my Bangla Movies site…

  6. papri Says:

    why sagarika, sabarmati n other uttam kumar movies are not viewable now!?

    plz upload more uttam-suchitra movies, especially i like to see ‘alo amar alo’.

  7. shahid Says:

    should be viewed

  8. Arif Hossin Says:

    awesome movie …..happy to njoy it. thanx to upload such a nice movie …….greatful to the uploader……..Arif

  9. Watch classic Uttam-Suchitra movie Sagarika online - Discussion Forum Says:

    […] Bose, Jahar Ganguly, Namita Sinha, Kamal Mitra, Anup Kumar and others, follow the link below… Bangla Movie Sagarika Hope you guys like it.. […]

  10. Syed Ahmed Hossain (SAH) Says:

    It’s really good film. Love successful just then, when responsibility done properly. Thanks.

  11. Debasis Ganguly Says:

    Very slow paced movie… and quite a bit melodramatic as well…

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