Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Ep 1

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Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Ep 1

Bangla Drama Serial Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Ep 1 Starring Dritiman Chatterjee, Sayantani, Sudip, Ajad Ansari

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Posted on: Apr 22, 2010

Watch Bengali TV Serial Meera MBA Kajer Meye – Episode 1 Online. Meera MBA Kajer Meye starring Dritiman Chatterjee, Sayantani, Sudip and Ajad Ansari, is directed by Shankar Chanda and music by Nachiketa. Meera MBA Kajer Meye is the story of Meera (Sayantani) who is an MBA but is appointed as a house-maid in Mukherjee mansion. What makes her take up this job and how she wins all hearts is what the story is all about.

Episode Synopsis: The episode begins in front of a big mansion where everyone is getting decked up to attend a classical music concert. The star of the concert is Rabindra Mukhopadhyay (Dhritiman Chatterjee) who suddenly falls sick onstage. After recovering he asks his son-in-law to read out his will which states that he has allotted 50 lakh to someone named Meera (Sayantani). The scene changes to 5 years later where Meera is shown as a college student who tops her university and gets a job the same day.

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